Brezje Nad Kamnikom 41, 1242 Stahovica, Slovenia.

Google maps
46.261170, 14.620706
46°15’40.2″N 14°37’14.5″E
7J6C+F78 Stahovica (Plus Code)

Please also see the section below “Notes for guests”.

We have organised these directions into several sections, so that depending on which direction you are arriving from, you will need to refer to two or three of the sections below.

Directions from Austria (Karavanke tunnel)

  1. Follow the E61 highway, exit at Junction 11, signed Vodice, Kamnik, Komenda and Smlednik
  2. Turn right at the exit and straight over at the traffic lights in Vodice. Please be aware of the speed limits and camera in this town.
  3. Keep straight for 4.5km and turn right at the traffic lights in Moste towards Ljubljana and Mengeš – ignore the directions to Kamnik
  4. Follow the section “Directions from Moste

Directions from Brnik (Ljubljana) airport

  1. Turn right out of the airport signposted Kamnik and Mengeš
  2. Continue on this road (route 104) for 8.5 km through some small villages including Vopovlje and Lahovče.
  3. At traffic lights in Moste ignore the signs to Kamnik and head straight on towards Ljubljana and Mengeš.
  4. Follow the section “Directions from Moste

Directions from “Moste”

  1. From the traffic lights in Moste, stay on route 104. 
  2. After 2.5km, at the roundabout, take the exit signed Ljubljana and Trzin.
  3. After 1.4 km at the roundabout, take the third exit to Kamnik.
  4. After 3.3km at the roundabout, ensure you are in the left-hand lane and take the second exit (straight on)
  5. On your left will be a shop – Hoffer – and just after that, a large shopping centre – Supernova.
  6. Follow the section “Directions from Supernova

Directions from Ljubljana or Maribor

  1. You will be travelling on the E57 highway, either from Ljubljana towards Maribor or from Maribor towards Ljubljana.
  2. Exit the highway at junction 24, signposted for Domžale
  3. At the end of the slip road, turn right towards Dob/Vir/Kamnik
  4. Continue straight for 2.3km, passing through one set of traffic lights
  5. At the next traffic lights, there is a shopping centre in front of you to the left.  Turn left at these lights.
  6. Continue straight on for 2km; just after the MacDonald’s (on the right) there is a sign to Kamnik.  Turn right here and join the main road from Domžale to Kamnik
  7. Continue for 6km until you reach a large roundabout.  Turn right at the roundabout.
  8. On your left will be a shop – “Hoffer” – and just after that, a large shopping centre – “Supernova”.
  9. Follow the section Directions from “Supernova

Directions from “Supernova” (formerly “Qlandia”)

  1. Please note that the “Supernova” shopping centre contains a Spar supermarket.  If you need any supplies before arrival, then this is a good place to stop.  Note that when leaving the shopping centre, you will have to turn right and go around the roundabout.  The shopping centre is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday.
  2. Continue on route 225 for 3.8km as follows:
        Roundabout, straight on
        Roundabout, straight on
        There are petrol stations on both sides of the road (OMV on left, Petrol on right).
        Traffic lights, straight on
        Pedestrian crossing with lights
        Traffic lights, straight on – signs for Celje, Gor. Grad and Kamn. Bistrica
        Traffic lights, straight on
        Keep in the right-hand lane. There are now 2 sets of traffic lights, immediately after the first set, move to the left-hand lane, turn left, and follow the signs to Gornji Grad, Kam. Bistrica and Vel. planina
  3. After 0.5km, the main road turns to the left, but you should continue straight on, signposted “Samostan Mekinje” (this is a brown tourist sign)
  4. Follow the main road for 1.8km and turn right, signpost for Brezje nad Kamnikom
  5. Stay on this road as it passes through some small hamlets and the climb through the forest.
  6. When you come to the hamlet of Brezje Nad Kamnikom, continue on the road around a few bends, always staying on the asphalt road, you will pass through some narrow parts of the village.
  7. You will see a wood yard (sawmill) on the left, fork left here to go up past the sawmill and continue along this asphalt road for approximately 300 metres until you see the new section of asphalt road, the chalet, (Number 41) will then be directly in front of you. The outside lights will be switched on when guests are expected to arrive after dark.

The Key Safe is on this wall.  The code will be sent to you in a separate email.

Guest Notes.

Property address:

Brezje Nad Kamnikom 41
1242 Stahovica

Emergency telephone numbers:

Police 113
Fire 112
Ambulance 112
Doctor in Kamnik +386 (0) 1 831 86 00 (Community Health centre)

Bianca +386 (0) 40 455 232
UK landline: +44 (0)845 0044 368
Peter +386 (0) 40 455 231 (also WhatsApp and Google Duo)

Dear Guests,

We hope you enjoy your stay at our chalet and have a wonderful time in Slovenia. We have put together some information which we hope you will find useful.

Please telephone or email us directly should you have any queries regarding the chalet.  Also, please call us if the chalet requires urgent maintenance or should you experience issues with power or water etc.

For any breakages of small items (crockery etc) a gas bottle change, failed light bulbs or other snags we would appreciate a note on the blackboard provided so these can be rectified/replaced on your departure.  Please email us immediately if there is a breakage or failure of more important items so that we can obtain a replacement in a timely manner.


Booklets for the operation of all the electrical items can be found in the storage under the bench seats around the dining table.

Please note that we are able to offer additional services as required.  Please refer to the price list at the end of these notes for further information.

The chalet is equipped with a combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm on each floor.  If an alarm is triggered you will hear beeps, depending on the alarm type:

  • A smoke alarm will sound 3 long beeps every one and a half seconds
  • A CO alarm will sound 4 quick beeps every 6 seconds for 4 minutes and then 4 quick beeps every 60 seconds.

The beeps will be accompanied with synchronised flashing red lights.

In the event of an alarm, please ensure that you take appropriate action.  Pressing the “Test” button during an alarm, will cause the alarm to enter “Silent” mode.

Please feel free to use the barbecue and outdoor equipment stored in the woodshed and utility room.

You will find information booklets about some local attractions and also local maps inside the chalet for your use.  You can also find more information on the “Visit Kamnik” web site.

The staff at the tourist information office in the centre of Kamnik are very helpful and can answer any questions about the locality, where to find places and provide bike hire.

Kamnik outdoor community swimming pool is next to the campsite on the Northern outskirts of Kamnik, and open daily in the summer from10am-6pm.

Driving in Slovenia:

Note regarding fuel prices in Slovenia: With the exception of motorway service stations, fuel prices in Slovenia are regulated by the government.  It is currently much cheaper (up to 30 cents per litre) to fill up your vehicle away from the motorway.  You will usually find a filling station within a couple of kilometres of most motorway exits.  Reasonably up-to-date fuel prices for non-motorway filling stations can be found here:

It is compulsory to drive with your dipped headlights or daylight driving lights on at all times.  Winter tyres are compulsory between mid-November and mid-March. Please also be aware that speeding is strictly enforced and if caught substantial on-the-spot fines are administered.

If driving on the motorways, you will need a vignette which is usually supplied by Slovenian car hire firms. If using your own car these can be purchased before your holiday on-line from and at most petrol stations and border crossings.  Note that these vignettes are “virtual” and based on your car registration number, but you should always have the receipt in your car at all times.

Should you are driving to or from the chalet through Austria, then you will also need to purchase an Austrian vignette.  These must be purchased at least 18 days before your journey here: or at the toll stations during your journey.

Garden and chalet maintenance:

During your stay, we may visit the chalet to attend to the garden and outdoor areas or to carry out any necessary maintenance work. If you require the gas bottle to be changed, please ask.


The mains water in Slovenia is safe to drink


There is a small safe at the chalet which you may wish to use. Full instructions are provided on a card in the chalet.  


There are several supermarkets in and around Kamnik, including Mercator, Spar Tuš, Lidl and Hofer (Aldi).  Shops are generally open from early morning until 7pm, 8pm or 9pm every day except Sunday.  Bakeries and petrol stations are usually open later and also on Sundays.

Eating out:

The nearest pizzeria is “Picerija Murka” in Mekinje; they also deliver to the chalet. We can recommend “Pri planinskem orlu”, on the road to Velika Planina for traditional Slovenian fare. In the summer months they have a lovely seating area outside the restaurant, along with a more formal dining area and also a cosy dining area near the bar.

There are lots of places in Kamnik to eat and drink, we can highly recommend “Gostilna Mlakar” in Duplica for excellent home cooked food (open every day). A nice Italian restaurant just off the pedestrian-only main street (Šutna) in Sadnikarjeva alley called “Picerija Napoli”, great pizzas, pasta and salads (they also deliver).

Sleeping arrangements:

We have a sofa bed downstairs, outside the main bedroom, to make sleeping arrangements more flexible. If you wish to use this, please move the bedding provided from the already made-up beds.  Summer/Winter duvets are stored in the bedrooms in addition to the ones in already on the beds if the weather gets warmer/cooler.

Rubbish and recycling:

The black (general waste) and the blue (paper) wheeli bins are emptied every 4 weeks  The brown bin is emptied every 2 weeks and is used for recycling (mixed packaging – plastic, cartons, tin/aluminium foil/cans but NOT glass). Please ensure that rubbish in the black and brown bins is bagged, otherwise the bins will not be emptied. There are also recycling bins for glass, paper and cardboard at the roadside on the drive into Kamnik just before the “Vodice” sign.

Technical bits:

Wi-fi is provided via the router on the on the shelf next to the TV. To use this, ensure that it is plugged in and turned on and connect to the Pure Slovenia network.

The television is Android-based with Chromecast; you can cast audio and video from your Android phone.  Please be aware that the TV takes a few minutes to start up when it has been unplugged from the power outlet.

The TV has various apps pre-installed, including UK TV, Live TV (Satellite: Astra 1 FTA channels only), Netflix (please select the “Chalet” user), YouTube, RTV Slovenija etc.  Please feel free to install your local TV apps.  The DVD player is connected to the HDMI 1 port and a selection of DVDs can be found in the shelves in the dining area.

 Should you log in and use any of the paid for services with your own credentials please
remember to log out again as we cannot be held liable for future guests using your account

Music is provided via Google Nest Audio wireless speaker; you can listen to any music stored on your phone/tablet via Bluetooth or cast, as well as international radio stations.  The speaker uses voice control i.e., “Hey Google, ask BBS sounds to play Radio 2” or “Hey Google, what is the weather forecast for tomorrow”.

The gas bottles for the hob are stored in the utility room along with spare new washers. We would ask that guests do not attempt to change the bottles unless you have experience of doing this. We do check the gas before your arrival, but if the gas runs out during your stay, then please let us know.

The main fuse box and electric on/off switch is located behind the small wood panel on the staircase which lead downstairs.

Hot water is supplied to the kitchen and showers via a water heater in the downstairs shower room; the switch to turn on the water heater is just outside the shower room door in the downstairs bedroom (furthest switch on the right). The second switch from the right is the switch for the convection heater in the shower room.

The wood burning stove is very easy to light, load up with newspaper, kindling and logs, light up, close the door and open up the ash tray slightly, once roaring (it won’t take long) close the ash tray and adjust the air intake with the small silver knob (turn anti-clockwise to get a slower, more even burn) please use the glove provided as it does become very hot. Extra wood can be found in the wood shed.

Spare light bulbs and batteries are located underneath the bench seat around the dining table. Emergency torches are located on the key hook near the front door and another downstairs. A First Aid Kit is in the utility room. ‘

Board games etc can be found in the coffee table storage.

A few house rules:

  • Strictly No Smoking inside please, due to the wooden construction of the chalet.
  • Towels for outside use and swimming are located in the utility room. If used please wash and dry these for the next guests (washing powder and fabric conditioner is provided).
  • It would be appreciated if you do not wear outdoor footwear inside the chalet. Slippers can be found in the storage area just inside the front door.
  • If something (other than minor objects) gets broken or stops working, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can arrange for a replacement, hopefully in time for the next guests.
  • If there is anything that we can do to make your stay even better, please let us know.

Wood, Water, Electricity:

Reasonable water, electricity and wood costs are included in your rental charge. Unfortunately, we will have to make an extra charge if there has been excessive use. We would please ask you in the interests of cost and conservation to use these resources carefully.

Please do not burn wood on the barbeque and ensure that the barbeque is cleaned at the end of your stay if used.

Please do not use the gas/electric hob for heating the kitchen/lounge area as doing so can be a fire hazard and may result in damage to the extractor.  Instead, please use either the wood stove or the electric heater underneath the oven.

If you drive an electric vehicle, please note that there are several free electric charging points in Kamnik.  If you decide to charge your vehicle at the chalet, then we may have to ask that you pay a nominal charge for the additional electricity used.

Please look after your key – in the event of loss a replacement would have to be ordered, cut and delivered.  This would take some time and would have to be charged for.


Please either take all food and rubbish with you or dispose of it in the appropriate wheelie bin outside. All food/rubbish must be bagged or the bin will not be emptied.

Following your departure, it is likely that new guests will be arriving later in the day and we have to prepare the chalet for their arrival.  We therefore ask that you vacate the chalet by 10am and that you leave the chalet in a reasonably clean condition.  We really appreciate your co-operation with this.

On departure we would be grateful if you could switch off the hot water boiler.

Double Lock the door with 2 turns of the key and leave the front door key in the key safe provided.

Once the inventory has been checked, your security deposit, if paid, will be cleared for repayment to you. Note that we will not charge you for minor breakages such as the odd plate or glass, however we may need to charge you for any damage (accidental or otherwise) to more expensive items.

We have tried to make the chalet as comfortable and well equipped as we can; please send us some feedback including anything you think could be improved upon along with the best bits too. Any comments would be appreciated, and with your permission may be used in some of our advertising.

Thank you again for choosing our chalet for your holiday.

Bianca and Peter.

Additional Services Price List

Pre-arrival shopping15€ + 5% of shopping value
Chalet clean during your stay30€ + 8€ per guest
Change of ben linen and towels10€ + 5€ per guest
Astronomy (depending on conditions, 4 to 5 hours incl set-up)*60€
Fossils and minerals workshop (1 to 2 hours)**35€

Prices for additional services include VAT at 22%

If you require additional services not listed above, please ask us for a quotation.

Please note that you will be invoiced at the time the additional services are provided.

* The astronomy session will depend on weather and sky conditions and will commence just before sunset.  The set-up of the telescope, mount etc will be included in the time. For visual astronomy, the telescope used will depend on the objects to be viewed. (English language)

** A variety of genuine fossils dating from about 10,000 years to more than 525,000,000 years will be exhibited, as well as a large selection of minerals. (English language)